Our M&A sell-side advisory services are designed to provide our clients unbiased advice with respect to their business’s current value, ways to improve its value, evaluation of exit alternatives, and sourcing of potential buyers.

Our services include:

  • Pricing analysis based on a thorough valuation of the company including identification of key value drivers and deterrents, and quantification of additional value to be derived from various synergies with different buyer profiles.
  • Evaluation of current and future exit alternatives including outright sale, expansion, horizontal merger, and employee/management buyout.
  • Identification and assessment of potential purchasers in a completely confidential manner maintaining anonymity behind Globalview Advisors.
  • Determination of best price strategy and its execution.

The Globalview Advantage

Our compensation is not dependent upon achievement of certain results (e.g., sale of business). Accordingly, our clients have full comfort and confidence in knowing our advice is completely unbiased and tailored to address what is in their best interest. Our clients benefit from our experience in valuing thousands of businesses and having an in-depth grasp of what makes transactions successful.