Joseph Hirsch and Ms. Ms. Deepa Gupta from Globalview Advisors attended the Orange County Chapter of Financial Executives International (OC-FEI) Dinner Meeting held at The Pacific Club in Newport Beach. The speaker for the evening was Hunter Jensen, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Barefoot Solutions.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a vision of an interconnected world where devices, cars, appliances, and other items are able to wirelessly communicate with each other to share data and make real-time changes based on that information. Everything from energy efficiency to agriculture will be completely revolutionized through big data utilization, integration, and interconnectivity between devices. Because of the continuously decreasing prices of sensors and other critical technology, the Internet of Things is no longer a dream, but an almost certain future. Hunter Jensen is a pioneer in web and mobile application development. Barefoot Solutions is ready to help businesses prepare for this brave new world with Internet of Things software solutions and device integration. Building software since 1998, Hunter founded Barefoot Solutions while earning his BA from University of Virginia. Barefoot Solutions’ original focus was custom web application development, but then quickly incorporated mobile application development. Since 2003, Hunter has motivated, directed, and led the organization to become a leader in mobile application development, gaining a strong foothold and reputation in the web and mobile development industry. Specializing in IoT Software Solutions, UI/UX Design, Web Development, App Development, and Product Management, Barefoot Solutions has developed one of the strongest and most diverse mobile and web portfolios in Southern California.

Globalview Advisors has been a proud sponsor of the OC-FEI since 2013, as well as the San Diego Chapter since 2012. The OC-FEI is the premier organization for financial executives in the Orange County area. OC-FEI promotes interaction among its members and holds programs and workshops to enhance their professional knowledge and qualification.