Michael Haghighat and Ms. Deepa Gupta from Globalview Advisors attended the San Diego Chapter of Financial Executives International (SD-FEI) 2016 Lead-Off Fall Dinner Meeting held at the Marriott Del Mar Hotel in San Diego. Michael was given the honor of introducing Dr. Kaihan Krippendorff, author of “Outthink the Competition.” Dr. Krippendorff is a business strategy keynote speaker, consultant, and author of four books. He has risen to become of the most highly recommended and most influential keynote speakers for businesses around the world. Dr. Krippendorff’s insightful presentation explained the importance of what he calls searching for the “fourth option,” which is how you win—going on to explain that most business executives tend to think in terms of threes. By setting aside the first three ideas for addressing a challenge or seizing an opportunity, companies can develop innovative ideas that otherwise may not have been uncovered. He added that innovative ideas result more commonly from changes in concepts or processes than from technology alone. For instance, following established practices leads to predictability that competitors can anticipate easily, but changing those practices and approaching markets in different ways can cause competitors to pause and open a window for those innovations to gain acceptance. “When a concept is inconsistent with the logic or beliefs of your competitors, that’s what makes the idea disruptive,” and “when you understand how industries are likely to evaluate, that allows you to move early to the next battleground and establish competitive advantage.”

Globalview Advisors has been a proud sponsor of the SD-FEI since 2012, as well as the Orange County Chapter since 2013. The SD-FEI is the premier organization for financial executives in the San Diego County area. SD-FEI promotes interaction among its members and holds programs and workshops to enhance their professional knowledge and qualification.