Raymond Rath, Managing Director at Globalview Advisors, attended the April 13, 2019 Caltech Entrepreneurs Forum Program on “How to Secure Venture Funding” in Los Angeles. The program was program was held on the Caltech campus at the Cahill Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics in Pasadena.

Southern California was one of the hottest venture ecosystems in the country in 2018. Will that trend continue this year? Who are the active investors and what are they looking for in potential investment opportunities? How can you increase the odds of securing venture funding for your startup?

The program’s keynote debuted the 2019 Amplify.LA presentation offered a comprehensive overview of the Los Angeles tech and venture landscape. It included a look back on 2018, and covered all the players, investors, history and emerging players in LA tech.

Next, a recently funded entrepreneur reenacted his company pitch to the two venture capitalists who wrote him checks. Panelists shared their thoughts and provided the audience an invaluable insider’s view of how the funding process works and, specifically, how a company can best craft its pitch to meet the expectation of prospective venture investors.

Formed in 1984, the Caltech Entrepreneurs Forum  is an entrepreneurship resource of Caltech’s Office of Technology Transfer and Corporate Partnerships. The mission of the Caltech Entrepreneurs Forum is to encourage the growth and success of technology-based entrepreneurial ventures in Southern California.

Through its monthly programs, the Forum provides advice, support, education and networking opportunities to technology-based ventures in the Southern California area. Programs address a range of key entrepreneurial issues from financing, marketing and business planning to executive leadership and staffing. Case presentations feature companies in emerging technology areas reviewing their business plans with expert panelists. Special sessions examine new entrepreneurial opportunities, in such areas as life sciences, medical technologies, energy, software, communications and entertainment technologies.

Speakers at the event included:

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