Raymond Rath and Deepa Gupta, both Managing Directors of Globalview Advisors, will be attending the 2019 PwC West Coast Deals Summit held at the breathtaking Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel on October 1st and 2nd.

Maintaining growth and delivering value for shareholders hinges on making sense of such complex matters as demographic shifts, technological disruption, geopolitical tensions, and regulatory changes. Corporations, private equity firms and others engaged in M&A, joint ventures and other transactions are increasingly focused on the potential impact of these forces when targeting, evaluating and capturing the full value from a deal.

Given this uncharted territory, it’s important to expand the conversations around these issues and seek insight beyond the typical deals resources for a deeper understanding of important trends and their impact on deal strategies.

At the Deals West Summit, attendees will examine the elements of the new deal frontier and how to successfully navigate a dynamic and multifaceted environment. By bringing together thought leaders and dealmakers from different industries and areas of expertise, we will be able to gain bold new insights that will help us figure out which path to growth is right for our organization. How well organizations comprehend this era of significant change and adapt their approach to distributing and investing capital is crucial to maximizing efficiency and driving profitable growth. All of these topics will be discussed and are central to our strategy as we plot a course forward. Topics for the Summit will include:

Emerging TechnologiesWhat can be applied to my business today—not tomorrow? And where do I get started?

The Dealmaker’s Crystal BallWhat trends do I need to know to anticipate disruption and manage uncertainty in order to deliver value from my transactions?

Strategies for Growth in a Digitally Connected WorldWhich new business models support growth and drive scale in technologically complex markets?

Innovative Transaction Structures—What are the strategic options, from traditional M&A transactions to partnerships, that are crucial to maximizing impact and creating value?

State of Capital: Continued Bounty?—Where is the record amount of capital available for investment today flowing from, and will there be sufficient funding to scale in the short and long term?

Barriers and Break Ups?—What regulatory landscape changes should I be focused on for better dealmaking?

Customer Experience in M&AHow does M&A affect consumers and what impact does it have on a deal being successful?

Leveraging Talent and Culture to Create Deal ValueHow can focusing on workforce strategy, talent, and culture enable top-tier organization performance?

Deals West was designed to help us step back from our daily responsibilities, relax in a luxurious coastal paradise, think deeply and engage in discussions with those who can help us chart and refine our course. Attendees experienced a unique opportunity to network with a community of peers, leading thinkers and practitioners while getting access to high quality content and thought-provoking discussions.