Joseph Hirsch from Globalview Advisors attended OCTANe’s Coffee at The Cove meeting on “Augmented Reality (AR)—Novelty or Necessity,” held at the UCI Center for Applied Innovation on Tuesday, May 8, 2018. The event answered questions on what does AR really mean? Are other technologies required to make AR useful? And will implementing AR improve your business? OCTANe’s speaker, Robert Brown, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of MERIDIUN, discussed the truth about augmented reality and virtual reality, and if these technologies are necessary for future success.

MERIDIUN is a people engagement platform for the enterprise. They empower businesses to create and monetize intelligent interactive mobile experiences to improve their consumer marketing and employee training initiatives, through greater fidelity and transfer of company information. They market the MERIDIUN Reality Stack™—an SaaS based software platform with technology and tools that combine Augmented Reality (AR+), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cloud/IoT/Block Chain technologies—designed to develop applications and curate intelligent experiences from corporate content which can be utilized on phones, tablets, watches, smartglasses and drones. MERIDIUN’s customers range from the world’s largest retailers, automotive, medical and logistics companies vertical applications in law enforcement, and the military. Their team includes tech executives from Fortune 100 to start-up experience with 30 years+ experience building mobile, software, and enterprise technology and businesses for leading global brands.

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