Despite the significant increase in the estate and gift tax minimum exemption amounts, indexing of the minimum exemption amounts and reduction in the top estate tax rate, estate and gift taxes can still impact many taxpayers. Globalview professionals provide estate and gift tax-related valuation services to trust and estate planning attorneys, high-net worth individuals, trustees, family offices, tax advisors, and other professionals.

Key services include business, securities, and intellectual property valuations. Our team members have deep experience quantifying valuation discounts for operating entities, family limited partnerships, and similar entities. Our team members also have deep experience in the valuation of intellectual property, which is increasingly important in tax-related transfers.

Our services in this area include valuations of the following:

  • Closely Held/Unquoted Businesses for Gift and Estate/Inheritance Tax Planning and Reporting
  • Family Limited Partnership (FLP) Interests
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC) Interests
  • Intellectual Property Portfolios for Gift and Estate/Inheritance Tax Planning and Reporting
  • Charitable Contribution Valuations
  • Valuation Discount Studies
  • Valuation Consultations
  • Support of Filings with Taxing Authorities

The Globalview Advantage

Our decades of experience of our valuation professionals preparing estate and gift tax valuations helps ensure the completion of thorough, well-reasoned, and documented valuations. We monitor tax court case developments closely and have successfully negotiated valuations with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Inland Revenue.