Our tax-related valuations are rendered for U.S., U.K., and foreign income tax planning, compliance, and reporting.

Various government tax rules provide for a broad range of situations where fair market value estimates are required. Our valuation team members work with tax professionals at corporations, law firms, and tax consulting firms by providing well-reasoned valuations that meet applicable tax requirements. Our valuation services can provide significant opportunities to manage and increase cash flow through proper minimization or deferral of taxes.

For U.S., U.K., and Foreign Income Taxing Authorities, our valuations are rendered for:

  • Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans (IRC Section 409A) and Employee Benefit Schemes (Share Valuations)
  • Allocations of Purchase Price for Asset Acquisitions (IRC Section 1060)
  • Allocations of Purchase Price for Stock Purchases Treated as Asset Acquisitions (IRC Section 338)
  • Transfers of Entities and Intangible Assets to Related Parties (Tax Restructurings)
  • Donations
  • Net Operating Loss/Foreign Tax Credit
  • Insolvency Analysis for Debt Restructuring/Forgiveness
  • Inter-Company Transfer Pricing
  • Apportionment of Interest Expense
  • Golden Parachute Payments/Non-Competition Agreements
  • Like-Kind Exchanges of Tangible/Intangible Assets
  • Property Tax Appeal

The Globalview Advantage

Our decades of experience of our professionals preparing tax valuations for a wide range of purposes helps ensure the completion of thorough, well-reasoned, and documented valuations. We monitor tax court case developments closely and have successfully negotiated valuations with The Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Inland Revenue, Revenue Canada, and other tax authorities.