Michael Haghighat from Globalview Advisors attended the OCTANe Technology Investor Forum (TIF), the largest technology innovation and investment conference in Southern California, hosted by OCTANe at the Hotel Irvine. The forum is known for bringing the biggest names in tech to the stage. Through the keynote presentations, attendees were able to hear from and directly interact with the leaders that are revolutionizing the tech industry. This year’s keynote speakers were Linda Bernardi, CIO of IBM; Gary Sorrentino, CTO of J.P. Morgan Asset Management; Paul Pickle, President and COO of Microsemi; and Joe Brusuelas, Chief Economist of RSM.

OCTANe has created a successful ecosystem that accelerates the flow of ideas, talent, and capital by creating an infrastructure where entrepreneurs, academia, company executives, and business advisors build and grow sustainable organizations. Its board of directors and executive committee is comprised of leading business executives that have successfully started, built, or grown companies in either the technology or medical technology industries. Each member is committed to providing technology business leaders with a forum to make a lasting impact on the future of the technology industry and the overall quality of life in Orange County.